Technology Proposal

The following proposal will identified the following tools needed to update the technology and to optimize communication between facilitators and learners.

The organization will provide training to new employees by incorporating an employee training center in order to engage new employees to utilize the new technological tools of today’s workforce

Employees are engaged in formal and informal training via CD-ROM, videos in both Spanish and English

Employees have access to the various technological tools like web 2.0 and are provided with live support from a veteran employee who is also bilingual and will facilitate hands-on instruction

Recommendations to update technology delivery in the organization

Delivery courses/training in both English and Spanish, as well as other languages (as needed it)

Establish companywide safety and private policies for bilingual training supported by top management

Technical support 24/7 to all employees in both English and Spanish

The employee training center will automically track and document individual employee training and test scores to help keep the organization protected during an audit or legal proceedings.


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