Multimedia presentation about synchronous online learning

In 2012 the site delineates the following adavantages and disadvantages of synchronous online learning:


1.- It permits immediate feedback

2- Allows for various real-time activities, providing for continuing motivation for the students

3- Promotes a sense of comunity between the students and teachers

4- Cost factor. There is a cost reduction when compared to conventional in-session, live learning or

training, may be significant.

5- Quality of teaching is delivered in a learning environment where there is no physical barriers.

The accessibility of the most reputable and knowledgeable instructors from anywhere

in the world can be made possible due to the availibility of virtual learning.

6. The advantage of flexibility. Students and instructors may attend from any location, time zone,etc.

7.- Online learning allows students to gain confidence and pride in their work, since online delivery

of learning lowers social and other obstacles to education.



1. Access to technology itself may present a problem, especially it attempting to roll out an online

learning environment in a disadvantage area.

2. The differences of time zones accomodation, it may be convenient for students to communicate or

collaborate in one time zone, but it does not always may be the case, and students may

encounter difficulties collaborating in different time zones when attempting to complete

school assignments or team projects.

3. Badwidth may be a consideration, since online learning is possible with the assistance of a server,

the connectivity thorugh the internet, which the service may not always be readily and

made affordble to students, and dial-up line will most likely will prove inadequate.


Facilitation strategies

Pallof  (2007) states the interactions between facilitators and students and their collaboration in

learning that results from these interactions. Facilitators need to provide availibility and

accessibility of information, engagement of diffrent learning styles, and promotion of increased






  1. This is my individual assignment due on Jauary 23, 2012.

  2. Yolanda – this looks great!

    1. Hi Donna,

      The picture looks cute!!

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